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“Knowledge gained in one’s life isn’t meant to keep to oneself, but to share so legacies don’t repeat, but develop and become more successful in time” - TyKoon Tha Misfit


TyKoon Tha Misfit is an artist from and currently resides in Richmond, Va.  His style is a lyrical, poetic blend of conceptual lines and melodies.  Some of his influencers include Eminem, Ludacris, Ace Hood, TI, and Tupac.

Tykoon has released 4 albums so far (Statement Made, All Or Nothin, Out Of Contxt, and Model Citizen).  He has performed in several states, including Virginia, CIAA events in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Washington D.C. etc.

Tykoon Tha Misfit  is currently working diligently on his next album, as well as music videos for his upcoming singles.  You can listen to his music on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Deezer, Soundcloud, and Audiomack.


Follow Tykoon Tha Misfit at www.tykoonthamisfit.net (website)

@TyKoon_Thamisfit (Instagram)

TyKoon (Facebook)

TyKoon Tha Misfit (Snapchat)                                                                                                                           

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