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The VA Slide

NightSkool Ent linked up with the line dance king "Big Mucci" and created the line dance song The VA Slide. This song brought the community together as we visited various clubs and events throughout the state and taught the dance.

The VA Slide became widely requested and we performed at a lot of charity events where we taught the dance. Some of the events included:
  • The Norfolk State College Homecoming Event
  • Virginia Union College Homecoming Event
  • Rock The Vote Voting Event
  • AKA and Delta Sorority Conventions
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Event
  • Local Clubs
  • Clubs in North Carolina
  • Birthday Parties
We developed a lot of strong relationships in the community. Finally, we got together with the line dance community and created the music video to The VA Slide at Club 150 North here in Richmond, Va. Learn The VA Slide dance today!!!
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