Mind Made Up Challenge

The Mind Made Up Challenge was a lyrical contest hosted by Nightskool Ent to foster positive competition amongst local artists. The competition ended up reaching well beyond the Richmond, Va. metro area, including submissions from DC, New York, Michigan, California, etc.

Each participant was required to submit a video of them performing their own lyrics over the Tupac “Got My Mind Made Up” beat. They also had to include the words “Night School” in their lyrics.

There were two ways to win;

-Getting the most votes from their fans

-Or by our panel of judges.

These judges consisted of local djs, radio personalities and other music industry professionals. Winners were awarded $500 in cash prizes, a radio interview, a trophy as well as Nightskool Ent. merchandise. Also all participants were allowed to submit one of their songs to be included on the Nightskool Mind Made UP mixtape.

Eventually NightSkool artists also jumped in on the fun and created a video displaying their talents over the beats.

This was a great opportunity to have some fun competition and network. Several of the artists have since joined the NightSkool Ent team.

The VA Slide

NightSkool Ent linked up with the line dance king "Big Mucci" and created the line dance songThe VA Slide. This song brought the community together as we visited various clubs and events throughout the state and taught the dance.

The VA Slide became widely requested and we performed at a lot of charity events where we taught the dance. Some of the events included:

  • The Norfolk State College Homecoming Event
  • Virginia Union College Homecoming Event
  • Rock The Vote Voting Event
  • AKA and Delta Sorority Conventions
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Event
  • Local Clubs
  • Clubs in North Carolina
  • Birthday Parties

We developed a lot of strong relationships in the community. Finally, we got together with the line dance community and created the music video to The VA Slide at Club 150 North here in Richmond, Va. Learn The VA Slide dance today!!!