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What’s unique?  She was born and raised in Richmond, Va.  She sings, raps and creates artwork. Her musical style is a blend of R and B, pop, and hip-hop.  Guess who? 

Wutzunique started singing at a very young age as a child.  Her first song “Anchor” was a cover song to the song “Sail by Awolnation”.  From there she released her first album “C’est la Vie”. She demonstrated her versatility and entered the NightSkool Ent. “Mind Made Up” rap challenge and won 1st place.  

Currently Wutzunique is working on her artwork and putting together a new album titled “Bipolar”.  This project will let people in on more of her personality.  She says “stay tuned to my perspective”.  Check her out @wutzunique. 

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